Zoom Game: Bible Drill Kahoot – Bible Drill Idea #3

Looking for a fun, interactive online game to use with your Bible Drillers or in a Sunday school Class? Try our Bible Drill Kahoot idea from our new ebook. This can be used on a Zoom Call or with your in person class.

Materials Needed: Each participant needs a smart phone or tablet/iPad.

Prep: Leader: Create a free Kahoot account.  Then create a game to review verses, books, or Key Passages.  Here is one free for your use: https://create.kahoot.it/share/bible-drill-red-cycle-review/462da5e3-1622-4d8e-905f-af5a7f757c67

Ask parents to download the Kahoot app on a smartphone or tablet/iPad before logging onto the zoom call (or coming to class).

Do: Zoom Call option: After welcoming your drillers, make sure they each have the smartphone or tablet with the Kahoot app installed nearby.  Leaders: You will use the screen share feature on zoom to play the game.  For the in-person class option, display Kahoot on a computer screen or flat screen monitor using an HDMI cord. Ask all drillers to login in on Kahoot with the id/pin displayed to play the game.  Enjoy the game. 

Variation: On a zoom call, have the parents and drillers compete against each other and see who is the winner!

Swimming Pool Games – Bible Drill ideas #2

Looking for a fun ideas to kickoff a new year in Bible Drill? Try our swimming pool game ideas from our new ebook. These activities can be used at home or at a Bible Drill pool party.

1. Pool Hoop-de-loop

Materials needed: 2 pool noodles; Duct tape; foam noodles, knife, permanent marker

Prep: Make a giant foam noodle hoop by attaching the 2 pool noodles together, into the form of a circle, with duct tape; Cut a noodle into 1-2-inch pieces.  Write the Books of the Bible on the foam noodle pieces.

Do: Toss the giant foam noodle into the swimming pool, then toss the books of the Bible into the hoop.   Have the “swimmers” close their eyes and choose a book of the Bible, then they have to say the book before, book chosen and the book after. 

Variation:  Do this game with scripture verses.

2. Kickboard Books of the Bible Scavenger Hunt

Materials needed:  One kickboard per swimmer, foam noodles, knife, permanent marker

Prep: Cut a noodle into 1-2-inch pieces.  Write the Books of the Bible on the foam noodle pieces

Do: Take the Books of the Bible foam pieces and toss in the pool.  Swimmers will use their kickboard to “swim” across the pool to find the books of the Bible, in order. 

Variation:  You can do just the major prophets, the gospels, or the books of law, etc.  Consider making a color-coded set per swimmer and see who can find all the books and put them in order the quickest.

Idea: Create a set of books/verses on foam pieces for color coded for each driller. This makes it easier to social distance in the pool as they have fun with these activities.

3 creative ways for engaging families in Bible Drill

During this time of social distancing, one option of encouraging Bible Skills/Bible Drill is to provide parents with easy resources to disciple their kids. The Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions has developed an excellent at home resource for Bible Drill that includes a devotion for each Red Cycle Children’s Bible Drill verse as well as a fun learning activity. 

Here are 3 ways to engage families in Bible Drill using this resource:

  1. Use it as a weekly family devotional resource for all of the families in your kids’ ministry.
  2. Use this resource to engage your families when sheltered in place whether by word of the governor of your state or by their choice.
  3. Use this resource as a supplement to your weekly virtual or in person Bible Drill program.

Consider providing the supplies for the activities for your families. A few options of what this might look like:

– Weekly:  This option allows the ability to adapt and change plans on a weekly basis.  For example, you can send home resources with drillers if meeting at the church or do a drop-off/pick-up option if sheltering in place part of the school year.    

– In a monthly box/bag: While convenient, this allows the flexibility of regularly touching base with families/drillers through drop-offs or pick-ups.

-In a box for the entire year:  This is the most convenient option and allows families to go through the devotions at their own pace.


Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna on Pexels.com

Bible Drill Activity Idea #1

Looking for a fun, creative idea to use with your Bible Drillers or in a Sunday school Class? Try our Draw a verse idea from our new ebook. This activity can be used at home, online during a zoom call, at church, or outdoors.

Materials Needed: paper, crayons, colored pencils, or markers; (variation – canvas and paint); Bible
Do: Have the children/students locate the verse and read it out loud. Tell them to write/paint the verse somewhere on the page/canvas. Discuss the verse and then ask the children/students to draw an illustration of the verse. (What does it mean to them or how can they apply that verse to their life?) Set a timer and give the children/student a certain amount of time to do their drawing/painting. When the timer goes off, allow each child/student to show their drawing/painting and tell what it means to them. Then have them recite the verse again.

Recommended Bible Drill verses for this activity: Genesis 1:27; Leviticus 22:31; Deuteronomy 6:5; Job 37:14; Proverbs 20:11; John 15:13; 1 Corinthians 10:31; Ephesians 6:1; Philippians 4:6; James 1:19
Recommended Key Passages for this activity: The Creation; The Israelites Leave Egypt; The Baptism of Jesus; The Birth of Jesus; The Parable of the Prodigal Son; The Christian’s Armor

Variations: 1. For a Sunday school Class, let children/students pick a verse they have studied this month or a favorite Bible verse to illustrate. 2. Have students scroll through their phone and pick a picture that represents a Bible Drill verse to them. Have them edit the photo and add the text of the verse to the photo. Let students share the photo with your group and/or on social media.

5 Tips for your New Bible Drill Year

As you are preparing for a new school year, begin making plans for your new year in Bible Drill. Here are 5 tips to assist you.

1. Determine when, where and how to meet in this socially distanced world. Download our free ebook that shares strategies for Bible Drill to take place at home, online, at church, or outdoors. We have also provided a sample verse schedule/checklist for Children, Youth, and High School Drillers.

2. If you are a new Children’s Bible Drill leader, you’ll want to download and look over our administrative materials including our New Children’s Bible Drill Leader’s Guide, Our handout on how to have a winning year in Bible Drill, and scoresheet.

3. Be flexible in how you do Bible Drill this year. With families, churches, and communities at varying places on the spectrum of whether to meet in person, virtually, or outdoors, flexibility is the key as we minister to drillers and families. You may have some who are fine meeting in person, while others feel the need to meet virtually/at home. Having a schedule with the flexibility to meet people where they are will allow us to engage more kids and students in discipleship and hiding God’s Word in their hearts.

4. Utilize new resources this year in teaching Bible Drill:

  • This month Alabama Baptist Bible Drill is releasing an at home piece for Children’s Bible Drill that contains a family devotion along with a fun activity for each verse. Once it is released, it will be available for download on our website.
  • Suggestions in our new ebook for fun Bible Skill games you can use when meeting online or outdoors. (Not familiar with zoom? Read the online section in our ebook for more details.)
  • Use the Verse Ring cards featured on our Children, Youth, and High School pages. These are Bible Study flash cards about the size of a baseball card. Choose your age group and translation, then download and print out on white card stock. This is a great printable to have your drillers cut out and use to review verses. They can be used whenever and however you meet.

5. Keep connected with Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers, Inc and other Bible Drill leaders by subscribing to our website/blog and/or by joining our Facebook group. By entering your email on our website, it will allow you to receive our latest Bible Drill updates by email. Joining our Facebook group is a great way to connect with other Bible Drill leaders in the state.

What is your favorite tip for your new Bible Drill year in 2020/2021?

4 Strategies for doing bible Drill in the midst of a Pandemic

During 2020, we have discovered new ways of connecting and doing ministry in the midst of a pandemic – in a socially distanced world. This includes Kids Ministry and specifically Bible Drill. Alabama, North Carolina and Georgia collaborated and created a new resource for Bible Drill leaders: 4 Ways to do Bible Drill in a Socially Distanced World. This resource includes an A, B, C, D strategy and creative ideas for doing Bible Drill.

The Four Strategies for Doing Bible Drill are:

  • A- At Home (Additional resource to be released later this month)
  • B- Be Online
  • C- Church
  • D- Discover the Outdoors

We will be highlighting some of these strategies in the upcoming weeks. You can download the entire free ebook below:

What creative ideas are you using to do Bible Drill in your church?

4 ways to do Bible Drill in a Socially Distanced World

Photo by Andrea Piacquadio on Pexels.com

Make plans to join us for this Bible Drill webinar hosted by the Alabama State Board of Missions. We will share about some new resources for Bible Drill!

4 Ways to Teach Bible Skills in a Socially Distanced World (Children) Tuesday, August 4, 7:30-9 pm (6:30-8 pm CST) Come and learn about four ways you can teach Bible skills in a socially distanced world: at home, online, at church or while discovering the outdoors. Session leaders include Belinda Stroud, state missionary for childhood discipleship; Maria Brannen with Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers, Inc; and Deborah Robson with North Carolina Baptist Bible Drill.

To register: https://us02web.zoom.us/webinar/register/WN_fGcC8oi9RXK6Upq6mg870g

300 Club Members – 2020 State Youth Bible Drill

Today, we are recognizing 7 outstanding students in Youth Bible Drill. These students memorized 30 verses and developed their Bible Skills to be able to find any book or scripture passage in 8 seconds. In this unprecedented time, they participated in their Regional and State Drills via video. Their level of commitment and excellence shone through as each one obtained a state perfect score of 300 from our team of judges. Since we held our State Drill via video submissions for 2020 instead of in person and were unable to count bonus points to determine a state winner, we formed a special 300 Club. These students will receive a perfect score award, an additional certificate recognizing them as a member of our 300 club, and a $100 college scholarship. The students receiving the honor of being a 300 club member are:

Warren Baptist Church – Emily Pugh and Claire Pugh (pictures unavailable)

Join me in congratulating these Youth Drillers!

2020 High School Bible Drill 300 Club Members

This month, we held our 2020 High School State Bible Drill via video. Students who scored 270 or higher at the Regional Level were eligible to participate in the State Drill. With the pandemic, we shifted our recognitions for 2020. Traditionally, we recognize our top scorer as our State Winner at our in-person drills. Since we held our State Drill via video submissions for 2020, and were unable to count bonus points, we formed a special 300 Club. The students who achieved a perfect score (300) from our team of judges will receive a perfect score award, an additional certificate recognizing them as a member of our 300 club, and a $200 college scholarship. Six High School Drillers received this honor:

Join me in congratulating these amazing drillers!

Summer Essay Contest

Photo by August de Richelieu on Pexels.com

Looking for something creative for the kids in your family or church to do this summer? Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers Inc is sponsoring an essay contest. There will be a Preteen Division (completed 4th and 5th grades) and a Middle School Division (completed 6th-8th grades). The winner of each division will receive an award, a $50 cash prize and their essay will be featured on our website and in the Christian Index.

The topic for the Preteen Essay is “My Favorite Bible Verse/Passage.” Preteens are to share why the verse(s)/passage is their favorite and what it means to them. The essay is should be 250-300 words in length.

The topic for the Middle School Essay is “What I learned about God/my faith while we sheltered in place.” Middle School Essays are to be 400-500 words in length.

The deadline to submit the essays is July 31st. Coming this fall, we are offering an Essay Contest for High Schoolers and College Students.