Children’s Bible Drill

Due to Covid-19, Children’s Bible Drillers will participate in a State Drill at their local church with guidelines/materials provided by Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers, Inc.  Churches have through July 31st to conduct the State Drill at their church and to submit the names, scores, and 3rd year Bible Drill award recipients to us. Click on this link for more information on 2020 Children’s State Drills.

The Cycles for the next three years are:
  • 2020 – Green Cycle
  • 2021 – Red Cycle
  • 2022 – Blue Cycle

Children’s Bible Drill Cards:

Children’s Bible Drill Administrative Material:

Judging Children’s Bible Drill Training – Part 1 covers Bible Drill Judging Basics Video (Click on the word – video to view training)
Judging Children’s Bible Drill Part 2– covers Common Questions related to Judging Children’s Bible Drill Video (Click on the word Video to view training)