6 creative Bible Skill activities to use with your group

Betsy Milburn, Bible Drill Leader at Wrens Baptist Church recently shared with me six creative Bible Skill activities that they are using with their group.

  1. Keys and the locks (Key Passage Activity) 

Items needed: card stock (optional: color code by cycle), scissors, envelope(s)

Prep: Copy the Keys and Locks on blue cardstock (blue cycle) and laminate the pages.  Cut the keys and the locks out and put the pieces in an envelope.

Play: Match the keys and locks. 

Variations: (1) Make a set for each child. (2) Call a reference or a key passage title and drillers find the lock and key.

2. Matching Lids (Key Passage Activity)

Items needed: 20 liquid laundry detergent lids, permanent marker, self-adhesive circle labels (optional) 

Prep: Write the key passage titles on 10 lids and the matching references on the remaining 10 lids.

Optional: Write the key passage titles and references on self-adhesive circle labels and adhere to the tops of the lids.

Play: Instruct children to match the key passage titles and references.   

Tip: Enlist members of your church to save the lids for you.

3. Tablecloth Review

Items needed: cheap plastic tablecloth from a dollar store, painter’s tape, permanent marker

Prep: Fold the tablecloth so that the tablecloth is about ¼ of the total length.  Hang the folded tablecloth on the wall where children enter the room. Using the permanent marker, write books, verse, or key passage activities on the tablecloth. (Examples: (1) Instruct kids to Write a book before and a book after a book that is on the cloth; (2) Write a verse and include blanks for some of the words.  Kids will fill in the blanks; (3)  Write the reference of a verse and ask kids to write out the verse; (4) Write a Key Passage Title and kids will write the matching reference.  

Do: Instruct kids to complete one of the activities as they enter the room. 

Tip: Pull out an additional blank area of the tablecloth and reattach to the wall the next week.Add additional Bible skill activities to complete!

4. Proverbs 22:1 Activity

Items Needed: Styrofoam ice chest(s), gold spray paint, gold toy coins, ultra-fine permanent marker, paper, scissors, double-sided tape or other adhesive, foam packing pieces

Prep: Spray paint Styrofoam ice chests with gold paint.  Using a permanent marker, write each word of the verse on paper, cut to fit the coins and adhere one word of the verse to each coin.  Don’t forget to include the reference.

Play: Instruct children to dig through the chest filled with packing noodles to find the gold coins and then put the coins in order.  

Variation: Make an extra chest with coins and form groups or have a relay race.

5. The Conversion of Saul – Acts 9:1-30

Prep: Enlist a volunteer to portray this passage. (Optional: Biblical Costume)

Do: Instruct children to travel the road to Damascus with the volunteer as he portrays Saul’s Conversion.

6. Malachi 3:10 Idea

Ask your pastor if a child can recite Malachi 3:10 before the offering is collected.

What are your favorite Bible Skills activities? Share your ideas with us!

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