College Essay Contest Announced

This spring, Georgia Baptist Bible drill and Speakers, Inc. is sponsoring a College Essay Competition. The prize is a $500 scholarship to the College of your choice. This essay competition is open to current college students. Students may choose any topic related to Christian Discipleship.

Judging Criteria:

* Creativity  (Originality; thought provoking)

* Grammar (Use proper sentence and paragraph structuring; punctuation and spelling)

* Scripture Based (Scripture used meaningfully and is applicable)

* Evidence of Research: Minimum of 5 footnotes or endnotes and at least 4 bibliographical entries. Scripture can only be used once in your bibliography count and twice as footnotes or endnotes count.  A separate bibliography is required. 

* Length:  Minimum of 1000 words

* Judges will take into consideration the Baptist Faith and Message as they judge any theological elements. Students may use the 1963 or 2000 version depending on their individual or church preference.

Students should Include a personal bio sheet with the following information: name; address, email, phone number; church membership, and college attending.

Your Essay will be submitted via the dropbox link below:

Essays are to be submitted in pdf format.

Deadline: April 15, 2022

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