Emergency Bible Skills Kit

As Kids Ministers, we all have had the last minute texts, phone calls and emails of a leader notifying us that they will not be at church to teach due to a sick child, etc. Many times we send out multiple texts searching for an “approved volunteer” to cover the class. Often there is little to no time for the volunteer to prepare a lesson.

We desire to intentionally lay spiritual foundations every time kids attend our church. By providing Emergency Bible Skills Kits in our ministry area, we provide instant teaching activities that allow spiritual foundations to be laid.

Here are some things that I have chosen to put in my Emergency Bible Skill Kit:

Books of the Bible Flash Cards

Foam Numbered Cube (Dollar Tree)

Sticky Notes

Clothes pins

Craft sticks

Books of the Bible Bookmarks

Spinning top

Permanent markers

Colored index cards


List of Bible Skill Games and teaching instructions

You can download the list of games that I have in my box.

Tip 1: You may want to create a couple of these activities ahead of time for your volunteers so that they are ready to go when they open the box.

Tips 2 – Many of these Bible Skills activities also can be adapted to teach/review the Bible Story.

What would you include in your Emergency Bible Skills kit?

2 Comments on “Emergency Bible Skills Kit

  1. I have a list of book calls with the responses the student should give. It is less intimating for the substitute and makes it easy for them to call a variety of books.

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