Investing for a lifetime

Fun, life-changing, sticks with me, and I want to keep doing it! These words are not describing a new app, or a fun road trip. All of these are words that have been used to describe Bible Drill.

Fun – I memorized Bible Verses during this time (Bible Drill), I had fun at competitions, made lifelong friendships, improved my public speaking (Student Speakers), and most importantly, I had the opportunity to share God’s Word with others – Sarah North Scheffler (former Bible Drill and Speakers Competition State Winner)

Life-changing – “I cannot adequately express how important Bible Drill was as a part of my spiritual formation. I didn’t simply memorize verses; I developed a love for scripture. To this day, I can recite many of the verses I learned in the mid-1980’s. These verses guided me through childhood, and they continue to guide me as an adult. Even though many of our discipleship methods have changed, I remain committed to the simple, life-changing ministry of Bible Drill. – Rev. Inman Houston – Pastor, FBC, Lawrenceville, GA

Sticks with me – ” These scriptures (from Bible Drill) will stick with me the rest of my life.” – Mary Carol Kletcke, 9-year-driller, FBC Cochran

I want to keep doing it – “I just wanted to keep doing it (Bible Drill) over and over again.” – Will Bowick, 9-year Driller, FBC Monroe

Bible Drill is truly an investment for a lifetime as spiritual foundations are laid in the lives of kids and students. This Giving Tuesday, invest for a lifetime by donating to Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers, Inc.

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