4 fun Bible Verse Activities (Blue Cycle Verses 5-8)

5.  Psalm 56:3 – Light Switch Cover

  • Items Needed:  Light switch cover and several colors of thin permanent markers
  • Preparation:  None 
  • Directions:  Have drillers print the verse onto the light switch cover, take it home, and put it in a place that they see each day to remind them of the verse.

6.  Psalm 119:11 – Bible Bag Knockdown

  • Items Needed:  Paper bags, newspaper, permanent markers, and bean bag
  • Preparation:  Print phrases from the verse onto paper bags including the reference for one bag.  Fill the bags with crumpled newspaper then staple bags at the top.  Line the bags up in a row.
  • Directions:  Allow drillers to knock down one bag at a time with a bean bag.  When a bag is knocked down remove it and have the driller say the verse.  Repeat until there are no bags remaining.

7.  Proverbs 22:1 – Digging For Gold

  • Items Needed:  large bowl, rice, and coins with phrases on it
  • Preparation:  make several “coins” with phrases of the verse on them and fill bowl with rice
  • Directions:   Let drillers take turns digging for gold in a large container of rice to find “gold” with phrases of the verse written on them.  Have them read the phrase as each coin is found.  When all of the coins are found have the children put the verse in order.

8.  Isaiah 6:8 – Voice Relay

  • Items Needed:  None
  • Preparation:  None
  • Directions:  Divide drillers into two teams.  Next, divide each team in half.  Send 1st half of both teams to the opposite side of the room.  Each half of the teams stands in lines and faces the rest of their team.  Divide the verse into parts depending on the number of children.  Example KJV:

Part 1 – Also I heard the voice of the Lord, saying,

Part 2 – Whom shall I send,

Part 3 – and who will go for us?

Part 4 – Then I said, Here am I;

Part 5 – send me.

Part 6 – Isaiah 6:8

  • Begin relay by having driller #1 of each ream run across the room toward the other part of their team saying part 1 of verse, and tag driller.  The tagged driller on each team then runs across the room to the opposite side while saying part 2 of the verse.  They will tag the next driller in line.  Continue until the verse is completed.  When the team has finished the relay, the halves of each team will have traded sides of the room and the verse will be complete.

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