4 Creative Blue Cycle Verse Activities

Looking for some new games and teaching activities to use this year in Children’s Bible Drill? Today, we’ve got 4 creative verse activities for you to use in teaching and reviewing the first 4 Blue Cycle Verses!

1.  Genesis 1:31 – Put the Verse in Order

  • Items Needed:  Genesis 1:31 verse on cardstock, scissors, and laminator (optional)
  • Preparation:  Print out the Genesis 1:31 verse onto cardstock. Cut apart and laminate.
  • Directions:  Have drillers put the verse in order as quickly as they can.  Variation:  Using more than one set, have a relay to see which team can put the verse in order the quickest.

2.  Deuteronomy 16:17 – Fill in the Blanks

  • Items Needed:  Poster board cut in half, permanent marker, and Jenga blocks
  • Preparation:  Print every other word of the verse onto the poster board with a block shape the size of the Jenga block in between each word you have printed.  Print the words of the verse that were not printed onto the poster onto the Jenga blocks.  Don’t forget to include the reference.
  • Directions:  Have the drillers fill in the spaces of the missing words with the correct word.  Drillers can see who can fill in the blanks the fastest.

3.  Joshua 24:24 – Spinning Top Game

  • Item Needed:  Spinning top
  • Preparation:  None
  • Directions:  Use a spinning top (or multiple spinning tops).  For individual drillers or a pair of drillers – begin spinning the top and see how many times a driller can say Joshua 24:24 before the top stops spinning.  To play in teams (1 top needed per team) – spin the top and see how many times driller #1 can say the verse before it stops spinning.  Pass the top to driller #2 and repeat.  The team that can say the verse the most times wins.  

4.  1 Chronicles 16:9 – Sign a Verse

  • Item Needed:  Signing video of verse
  • Preparation:  View 1 Chronicles 16:9 video.  Become comfortable with the signs so that you can teach them to the children.
  • Directions:  Teach the drillers the verse using the signs.

One Comment on “4 Creative Blue Cycle Verse Activities

  1. Good to see Brandon doing sign language. That is a very creative way to introduce a ministry that a young child may enter someday. Also a very wonderful and fun way to learn a verse.

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