3 Benefits of writing an essay

For some, writing an essay can be a fun and creative process. For others, it can be a challenge and sometimes intimidating. However, writing an essay can often also be beneficial.

This fall, Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers, Inc. is holding an essay contest that offers 3 benefits:

The first benefit is that of spiritual growth. Students who participate in the contest will engage with the topic and scripture as they develop their essay. This provides an opportunity for students to grow spiritually as they examine their beliefs. Churches, ministries, schools, and families can use this essay contest as a discipleship mentoring process for high school and college students. Mentors are encouraged to engage students through intentional conversation related to the topic. Students can be guided to examine God’s Word prayerfully as they begin to write. An added bonus is for students to discover that writing can be an avenue to share their faith with others.

The second benefit is the development of writing skills. Through the process of this essay contest, students can develop their writing skills. Parents, mentors and teachers can assist students in setting intentional goals in the development of their essay by guiding them in the development of an outline, a first draft, and final draft. An offer by a teacher or a mentor to proof their essay can be valuable in this process. Feedback students receive help students grow as writers.

The third benefit is a college scholarship. The winners of our High School and College Essay Contests each receive a $500 college scholarship to use at the school of their choice. For more information regarding our Essay Contests, visit our essay webpage using this link: Essay Contests

Photo by Ivan Samkov on Pexels.com

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