Congratulations to our 2021 State Bible Drill Winners!

Our 2021 State Youth and High School Bible Drill was held on Saturday, May 8th at FBC Cochran. To qualify for the State Youth/High School Drill, drillers had to score 270 points or higher at the Regional Drill. In addition to memorizing the books of the Bible in order and being able to locate books and verses in 8 seconds, Youth Drillers learned 30 verses and our High Schoolers memorized 68 verses including Exodus 20:3-17 (The Ten Commandments).

Leala Hutchens was the State Youth Bible Drill Winner and Rose Reardin was the Youth Bible Drill 2nd place Winner. Both drillers received Perfect Score Awards. Leala and Rose are students are from FBC Cochran.

NenaBeth Mickle was the State High School Winner and MaryCarol Kletcke was the 2nd place Winner. Both drillers received Perfect Score Awards. NenaBeth and MaryCarol are also from FBC Cochran. As the 2021 High School Bible Drill Winner, NenaBeth received the Waldo and Sarah Woodcock $500 College Scholarship.

Congratulations to Jordan Sanvidge (FBC Jackson) and Rachel Frantz (FBC Garden City) for also receiving the Perfect Score Award.

Leala and NenaBeth will be representing Georgia at the 2021 National Invitational Tournament for Bible Drill and Speakers June 17-18 at Dallas Baptist University in Texas.

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