2021 Student Speakers Update

In 2021, Student Speakers may qualify for the State Speakers Competition by speaking at one of our in-person Regional Competitions. The top two speakers from each region will represent their region at the State Competition. Speakers have the option of advancing directly to the Regional Speakers Competition from their Church Competition. However, if your Association is offering a Bible Drill/Speakers Competition, it is a great opportunity for you to speak and to get feedback from the judges.

If a speaker is in quarantine or is unable to attend their Regional Speakers Competition due to Covid, their leader may send a request to maria@bibledrillandspeakers.com to participate via video submission. If two winners have already been announced for their Regional Competition, their speech video will be entered into the State at Large category for videos and the top two video scorers will advance to the State Competition. The deadline to submit these videos is April 26.

Due to covid concerns and the work that speakers put into a speech to compete for the college scholarships, it is recommended that they record a video of their speech before Regionals in that event that a video submission is needed. Our recommendation is that this video be recorded at your church at least two weeks prior to your Regional Competition

Dates for Regional Student Speakers Competitions:

April 13 – Tom’s Creek Baptist Church, Martin, GA (NE GA)

April 15 – FBC Douglas (South GA)

April 19 – FBC Lawrenceville (East Metro)

April 20 – FBC Cochran (Middle GA)

April 25 – FBC Douglasville (West Metro)

April 26 – Cassville Baptist Church (NW GA)

Registration is now open on our website. Register by clicking this link: Speakers

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