2021 Youth Bible and High School Bible Drill Update

In 2021, qualifying Youth and High School Bible Drillers can drill in person at one of the Regional Locations to qualify for the State Drill. This year, churches may choose to participate in an Associational Drill (if it is offered by your association) or they have the option of letting drillers advance directly from their church drill if their score qualifies them as an Associational Winner. Youth and High School Drillers must have a score of 225.

A leader may submit a request by email to maria@bibledrillandspeakers.com for a driller to qualify for the State Drill via video submission if the driller is in quarantine due to covid. This video drill must be submitted to our office by April 27.

Below are the dates and locations for Regional Drills:

April 13 – Tom’s Creek Baptist Church, Martin, GA (NE GA)

April 15 – FBC Douglas (South GA)

April 19 – FBC Lawrenceville (East Metro)

April 20 – FBC Cochran (Middle GA)

April 25 – FBC Douglasville (West Metro)

April 26 – Cassville Baptist Church (NW GA)

*New* 2021 Bible Skill Exhibition for 7th-9th graders – We will offer a Bible Skills Exhibition for 7th-9th graders at our Regional locations. This Bible Skills Exhibition includes Books and Scripture Searching Drills only. There would be 12 Book Calls (2 points each) and 12 Scripture Searching Calls (3 points each). A perfect score would be 180 points (60 from each judge). A Bonus point will be awarded to the driller who steps out first in 8 seconds on each call. Students may qualify for the Exhibition by Receiving a score of 135 at their church. Drillers who participate in the Regional Bible Skills Exhibition will receive a certificate. This is a great option for new or potential Youth Bible Drillers or for churches who were not able to resume their Bible Drill program in 2020-2021 due to Covid. Note that there is no State Level for the Bible Skills Exhibition for 7th-9th graders.

We are offering this new Bible Skills Exhibition option in 2021 in addition to our Traditional Youth Bible Drill because we recognize our churches are in various states of reopening. Some churches are on schedule with their Bible Drill programs while many others are “behind schedule” or were unable to begin their Bible Drill program this year.

Registration is now open on our website. You can register by clicking this link: Registration

Churches who have donated at the Member Level ($250 or more) for the school year of 2020-2021 will receive a 50% discount on their registration fees. Churches donating by March 31st will receive their discounted registration link by email.

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