Remembering Steve Williams – A Student Speakers Champion

by Dennis Rogers

I met Steve 30 years ago when Steve and I were involved in Baptist denominational work for different agencies, but under the umbrella of Christian discipleship. I soon discovered whatever Steve did, he did it well. Over the years our friendship grew and when Steve retired from LifeWay he moved to Georgia where he was glad to help us with our State Speakers’ Competition. Again, whatever he did, his work was marked with excellence. Steve volunteered many hours helping student speakers become more effective communicators. Steve was working professionally helping corporate speakers be more effective and his expertise certainly paid off in Speakers Competition. Steve helped us as leaders in the administration of this ministry and we will always be indebted to him for the ministry he gave. Whatever Steve did, he did well!

Well done, thou good and faithful servant and friend! You will be remembered. Steve recently died after a long bout with cancer.

Dennis Rogers is a Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers, Inc board member and retired Discipleship Ministries Specialist, GBMB.

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