Who made a difference in your life? October Challenge

For the month of October, we would like to raise $1,500 for the ministry of Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Student Speakers, Inc. through an October Giving Challenge. We are encouraging Bible Drillers, former Bible Drillers and Speakers, parents, and other Bible Drill champions to donate this month in honor or in memory of a Bible Drill leader or Student Speakers leader who made a difference in your life, the life of your children/grandchildren, or your church.  You can donate by clicking this link: Donate

Once you donate, email us at bibledrillspeakers@gmail.com and share with us the name of the leader you made your donation in honor or memory of and their mailing address.  They will receive a note informing them that a donation to Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers Inc. has been made in their name.  In your email, we encourage you to also share a story of how this leader impacted the life of a Bible Driller or Speaker.

Our family has made a donation in honor of three Bible Drill Leaders who have personally impacted our lives. Growing up as a part of Plentitude Baptist Church, Donna Morrison was my Bible Drill leader.  Not only did Donna teach my class each week, she helped create a love for Bible Drill in my life.  Donna shared a real-life story with us about how we could trust God in any life circumstance.  As a result, I will never forget Psalm 56:3 “What time I am afraid, I will trust in thee.”  Martha Odum at FBC Monroe taught both of my sons in Children’s Bible Drill.  Martha has literally impacted the lives of hundreds of kids at FBC over the last 25 plus years as she has helped them learn Bible Skills and how to memorize scripture.  Kim Sanders taught both of my sons in Youth/High School Bible Drill at FBC Monroe.  She creatively looked for ways to encourage them to memorize scripture while investing in their lives.  I am so gratefully for each of these three ladies and the impact that they have had on our lives.

Through your generous gifts to Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers Inc, we will continue to impact the lives of the next generation.  

Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

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