Water Balloon Toss – Bible Drill activity Idea #4

As you begin your new year in Bible Drill, do you have a Bible Drill Kick-off night or are you meeting outside? Try the Water Balloon Toss idea from our new ebook.  It’s a fun game you can play outdoors with your drillers.

Materials needed:  water balloons; bin to hold water balloons

Prep: Fill water balloons with water.  Provide 1 balloon per 2 drillers and a few extras.

Do: Have 2 drillers stand across from each other approximately 1 foot.   Both drillers will take turns tossing the balloon back and forth and will try to catch it.  As they toss the water balloon back and forth, they take a small step back each time.  As they toss the balloon, they will say the books of the Bible or scripture verse.   The last team with their balloon not popped, are the winners.

Reminder: It’s a good idea to have drillers use hand sanitizer before and after playing this game.

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