3 creative ways for engaging families in Bible Drill

During this time of social distancing, one option of encouraging Bible Skills/Bible Drill is to provide parents with easy resources to disciple their kids. The Alabama Baptist State Board of Missions has developed an excellent at home resource for Bible Drill that includes a devotion for each Red Cycle Children’s Bible Drill verse as well as a fun learning activity. 

Here are 3 ways to engage families in Bible Drill using this resource:

  1. Use it as a weekly family devotional resource for all of the families in your kids’ ministry.
  2. Use this resource to engage your families when sheltered in place whether by word of the governor of your state or by their choice.
  3. Use this resource as a supplement to your weekly virtual or in person Bible Drill program.

Consider providing the supplies for the activities for your families. A few options of what this might look like:

– Weekly:  This option allows the ability to adapt and change plans on a weekly basis.  For example, you can send home resources with drillers if meeting at the church or do a drop-off/pick-up option if sheltering in place part of the school year.    

– In a monthly box/bag: While convenient, this allows the flexibility of regularly touching base with families/drillers through drop-offs or pick-ups.

-In a box for the entire year:  This is the most convenient option and allows families to go through the devotions at their own pace.


Photo by Agung Pandit Wiguna on Pexels.com

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