5 Tips for your New Bible Drill Year

As you are preparing for a new school year, begin making plans for your new year in Bible Drill. Here are 5 tips to assist you.

1. Determine when, where and how to meet in this socially distanced world. Download our free ebook that shares strategies for Bible Drill to take place at home, online, at church, or outdoors. We have also provided a sample verse schedule/checklist for Children, Youth, and High School Drillers.

2. If you are a new Children’s Bible Drill leader, you’ll want to download and look over our administrative materials including our New Children’s Bible Drill Leader’s Guide, Our handout on how to have a winning year in Bible Drill, and scoresheet.

3. Be flexible in how you do Bible Drill this year. With families, churches, and communities at varying places on the spectrum of whether to meet in person, virtually, or outdoors, flexibility is the key as we minister to drillers and families. You may have some who are fine meeting in person, while others feel the need to meet virtually/at home. Having a schedule with the flexibility to meet people where they are will allow us to engage more kids and students in discipleship and hiding God’s Word in their hearts.

4. Utilize new resources this year in teaching Bible Drill:

  • This month Alabama Baptist Bible Drill is releasing an at home piece for Children’s Bible Drill that contains a family devotion along with a fun activity for each verse. Once it is released, it will be available for download on our website.
  • Suggestions in our new ebook for fun Bible Skill games you can use when meeting online or outdoors. (Not familiar with zoom? Read the online section in our ebook for more details.)
  • Use the Verse Ring cards featured on our Children, Youth, and High School pages. These are Bible Study flash cards about the size of a baseball card. Choose your age group and translation, then download and print out on white card stock. This is a great printable to have your drillers cut out and use to review verses. They can be used whenever and however you meet.

5. Keep connected with Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers, Inc and other Bible Drill leaders by subscribing to our website/blog and/or by joining our Facebook group. By entering your email on our website, it will allow you to receive our latest Bible Drill updates by email. Joining our Facebook group is a great way to connect with other Bible Drill leaders in the state.

What is your favorite tip for your new Bible Drill year in 2020/2021?

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