2020 State Student Speakers Competition Winner

Congratulations to our 2020 State Student Speakers Competition Winner: Ellie Gray from FBC Lawrenceville! The Student Speakers Competition is for Georgia Baptist students in grades 10-12 who want to become better communicators, build confidence, and prepare for a lifetime of success and service. It’s about making a greater difference in the world, both now and for the rest of your life. Traditionally, Students write a 4-6 minute speech and present their speech at the Church, Associational, and Regional levels. The top 2 scorers from each region advance to the State Competition. The students are graded 50% on delivery and 50% on written content.

Due to Covid-19, we eliminated the Regional Competition, and our 2020 speakers submitted a written copy  of their speech along with a video for the judges to score. Ellie was the top scorer and recipient of three college scholarships: the Jenny Rogers Memorial Scholarship ($1,000), the 2020 State Winner Scholarship ($500) and a Georgia Baptist College Speakers Scholarship ($4,000). The Jenny Rogers Scholarship and the State Winner Scholarship can be used at the college or university of her choice. The Georgia Baptist College Speakers Scholarship can be used at Truett-McConnell, Shorter, or Brewton-Parker.

You can read Ellie’s speech below and watch her virtual award presentation video above with Dennis/Judy Rogers, Ellie, her parents, and leader, Peggy.

Join me in congratulating Ellie for being our 2020 Student Speakers Competition Winner. For more information on the Student Speakers Competition, you can visit our webpage: https://bibledrillandspeakers.com/student-speakers-competition/

2 Comments on “2020 State Student Speakers Competition Winner

  1. This was a very good recognition. You couldn’t have done any better. Thanks for sharing. Roger


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