Timeless Speech for a Stressful Time

Over the last several weeks, the Covid-19 pandemic has placed tremendous burden and stress on the workers of our healthcare community. One of those faithfully serving our medical needs is Rebekah North. Rebekah currently serves as a registered nurse on a medical-surgical unit at South Georgia Medical Center. As a 9-year Bible Driller, and 2012 Georgia Baptist Student Speakers Competition Winner, Rebekah knows what it means to combine hard work with a passion for God.  Today, Rebekah lives out that combination of hard work and Godly passion in her service as a nurse amid the Cov-19 crisis.  

The words of her winning speech, “Handling the Storms in Life,” continues to be an encouragement to all of us during this difficult time. “As Christians, there is no need to be afraid when He is there with us every step of the way. All we need to do is listen for his voice, trust His decisions, and obey His commands.”  You too can find hope and encouragement from her speech. Read her speech here.

As a former Georgia Baptist Student Speakers Competition winner, Rebekah received the Jenny Rogers Scholarship that helped pay for her Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree.  Jenny Rogers was also an example of Christ’s call to serve those in need through healthcare.  Jenny Rogers, the daughter of Dennis and Judy Rogers, was a nursing student employed by the Georgia Baptist Hospital, now known as the Atlanta Medical Center. Through the Jenny Rogers Scholarship, established in her memory, we have been able to impact the lives of Student Speaker Competition Winners for over two decades. As a part of the #GivingTuesdayNow emphasis going on tomorrow, May 5, 2020, will you consider making a gift to the Jenny Rogers Scholarship Fund?  Your gift will provide even greater support to Godly young people like Rebekah and Jenny, who desire to make a positive impact for Christ.  

Give Now www.gbfoundation.org/rogers-scholarship-fund

To impact the next generation through the ministry of Bible Drill and Speakers donate here.

A special thank you to the Georgia Baptist Foundation for their assistance in highlighting the Jenny Rogers Scholarship.

One Comment on “Timeless Speech for a Stressful Time

  1. I remember this speech and I also still remember her 2011 speech about the tongue. Rebekah has a gift.

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