2020 Student Speakers Competition

Due to Covid-19, Student Speakers will participate in a 2020 State-Wide Competition via video with guidelines provided by Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers, Inc.  There will not be a Regional Student Speakers Competition for 2020, only a state-wide competition.  Speakers will submit a video of their speech for scoring by our team of judges.  For more information on this change, read our blog article: Covid-19 Update 3.

Deadline to register for the State-Wide Student Speakers Competition is April 30.  Speakers have through May 11th to submit their video to Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers, Inc.  

Process for Speakers: 

  • Student Speakers qualify at the Church Level by one of these options: 
    • Qualifying in a Church Student Speakers Competition conducted under normal circumstances before Covid-19 impacted church schedules.
    • Qualifying in a small Speakers Competition/Presentation (limited to 10 or less). The presentation would include the speaker, 3 judges, a timekeeper, and speaker(s). Option: Livestream each speaker for the church family. 
    •  Qualifying in a Church Speakers Competition using technology (video/zoom, etc.): 
      • The speech can be filmed using a phone or video recorder. Download our tips sheet at the end of this blog article for guidelines and helpful hints.
      • Upload the video file(s) and share with the judges. If a speaker is doing the speech at home, share the video of the speech with the Leader so that she can send it out to the judges for scoring.

If a Student Speakers Competition/Presentation is held at the church, make sure to follow current church, CDC, and/or State/National Guidelines regarding gathering together, social distancing, Shelter in Place orders, etc.

  • Register qualifying speakers online for the state-wide Student Speakers Competition.
    • Once you have registered the names of your speakers, click the link to pay your registration fees.  The cost to register for the State Student Speakers Competition will be $10.  The remote registration fee will cover partial cost of administrative expenses, certificates/awards, and shipment expenses. Member churches who contributed $250 or more to Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers Inc., earlier this year will receive special instructions to register each speaker at a 50% discount. To pay online, click this link: https://checkout.square.site/buy/PVSRCG6J6TFJIETD3U5VEZUM
  • Leaders will receive instructions for recording the speech and how to upload the Student Speakers video for State Competition score after they register and pay.
  • Recognition: Certificates and/or awards will be mailed to the church. If a participant is the State Winner/Runner-up, a future date will be scheduled to present the winner trophies at the speaker’s church.


The 1st place State Student Speakers Winner will receive three scholarships: the Jenni Rogers Memorial Scholarship, a one-time (2020) Georgia Student Speakers Scholarship of $500 (due to Nationals being canceled), and a $4,000 scholarship ($1,000 per year) if speaker chooses to attend Shorter University, Truett-McConnell University, or Brewton-Parker College.

The 2nd place winner in the Student Speakers Competition will receive the second place Jenni Rogers Memorial Scholarship.

Get immediate updates from our website by entering your e-mail address on our main webpage.

Thank you for your patience and gracious consideration as events in our state and country are unfolding on a daily basis. Please understand that we may have to make additional future adjustments.

Contact us if you have any additional questions at bibledrillspeakers@gmail.com

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