2020 Youth/High School Regional Drills

Due to Covid-19, Youth/High School Bible Drillers will participate in their 2020 Regional Drill via video with guidelines/materials supplied to their church by Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers, Inc.  Bible Drill Leaders will submit a video of the drill for scoring by our team of judges.  For more information on this change, read our blog article: Covid-19 Update 3.

Churches/drillers have through May 17th to conduct the Regional Drill and to submit the video to Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers, Inc.  We recommend you host your Church Drill no later than May 3rd.

Process for Youth/High School Drillers: 

  • Youth/High School Drillers qualify at the Church Level by one of these options*: 
    • Qualifying in a Church Drill conducted under normal circumstances before Covid-19 impacted church schedules.
    • Qualifying in a rescheduled drill if time and circumstances allow.  We realize that this will may not be an option for many churches.
    • Qualifying in a small Church Drill (limited to 10 or less). These drills may have to be scheduled on different days and only drill 3-5 at a time with no family in the audience because of the need for judges/and caller.  Option: Limit drillers to 3-4 per drill and livestream a church drill. 
    •  Qualifying in a Church Drill using technology (video/zoom, etc.) For instructions on how to do Bible Drill by video check out our blog article: Bible Drill by Video
    • *If a church is unable to have a Church Drill using one of these options, please contact us at bibledrillspeakers@gmail.com.
  • Youth/High School Drillers qualify at the Associational Level by one of these options:
    • Qualifying in an Associational Drill under normal circumstances before Covid-19 impacted schedules.
    • Qualifying by applying Associational standards to the church drill.  Any Youth/High School drillers who scored 225 at the church level may advance to the Regional Drill.
    • Qualifying by participating in a second drill at your church or by video. (If hosting a drill at your church, it is recommended to limit attendance as described above with Church Drills) This drill is designated as an Associational Drill, using different “calls” and applying the Associational standards to advance.

In any Church or Associational Drill, if held at the church, make sure to follow current church, CDC, and/or State/National Guidelines regarding gathering together, social distancing, Shelter in Place orders, etc.

  • Register qualifying Youth/High School Bible Drillers online and designate the date you will conduct the “Regional Drill.” Use this link: 
    • https://bibledrillandspeakers.com/2020-regional-bible-drill-and-speakers-registration/
    • Once you have registered the names of your Youth/High School drillers, click the link to pay your registration fees.  The cost to register for regional competitions for each driller/speaker will be $10.  The remote registration fee will cover partial cost of administrative expenses, certificates/awards, and shipment expenses. Member churches who contributed $250 or more to Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers Inc., earlier this year will receive special instructions to register each driller at a 50% discount.
  • You will receive a copy of the Regional Call sheet by email, 24-48 hours before the date of your Regional Drill you indicated when you registered.  (Important: If you have not paid your registration fees, you will not receive the call sheet.) This call sheet is to only be viewed by the Bible Drill Leader and/or caller.  It cannot be used for a practice drill.
  • The Drill can be filmed using a phone or video recorder. Download our tips sheet for guidelines and helpful hints. Tips for Shooting a Bible Drill Video Download
  • Leaders will receive instructions on how to upload the Regional Bible Drill video for scoring when they are emailed the call sheet. 
  • Recognition: Regional Drill certificates and awards (3,6, 9 years) will be mailed to the church or presented at the State Youth/High School Drill to those qualifying drillers.

Get immediate updates from our website by entering your e-mail address on our main webpage.

Thank you for your patience and gracious consideration as events in our state and country are unfolding on a daily basis. Please understand that we may have to make additional future adjustments.

Contact us if you have any additional questions at bibledrillspeakers@gmail.com

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