Bible Drill by Video

Many of our churches were not able to host a church drill before Covid-19 impacted ministry. Some of our families are self-isolating due to a variety of reasons: someone in the household undergoing cancer treatment, aging grandparents living in the household, parents in the medical profession, etc. Other families live in cities or counties that have issued shelter in place or stay at home orders. In this day of social distancing and rethinking how we do church and ministry using technology, we are offering drillers the option to do their 2020 Church Drill via video.


  • Choose whether to do this at home (single driller or siblings drilling together) or as a small group of less than 10 (including drillers, caller, and any on-site judges). Friends and family can watch the video at a later time or via live stream.
  • For a Church Drill, the Bible Drill Leader will provide a copy of the call sheet to the caller or parent, if doing an in-home drill. For Regional Youth and High School Drills, Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers will provide the call sheet. It is recommended that the call sheets be provided approximately 24 hours before the drill. The call sheets should not be used as a practice for the driller(s).
  • The Drill can be filmed using a phone or video recorder. Download our tips sheet below for guidelines and helpful hints.
  • Upload the video file(s) and share with the judges. If parents are doing the Church Drill at home – Share the video of the Drill with the Bible Drill Leader. She will send it out to the judges for scoring.
  • A Video file can be uploaded and shared using Google or Dropbox. Best practices for sharing files of drillers:
    • Parents – share the video with the Bible Drill Leader and at least one other leader (Children’s Minister, Student Minister, Pastor, etc.)
    • If students are uploading and sharing the file, always include one or both parents in addition to sharing the link with your leaders.
  • Bible Drill Leaders:
    • Share the video file with your judges. Send an e-mail to the judges. Include attachments and links for Judges (scoresheets, a copy of the call sheet, judge guidelines) as well as any other instructions.
    • Remind Judges that they can only view the video of the drill once. They cannot rewind the video, etc.
    • Determine if someone will serve as the judge chairman to collect and tally sheets via e-mail/text or if the judges will send the scoresheets to you to tally. Include these instructions in the e-mail to the judges.
    • Text or call parents with the results.
  • Recognize drillers after the Church Drill.
    • In church newsletter
    • On Church’s Social Media (with parents permission)
  • Register Drillers for the State Drill (Children) and Regional Drill (Youth and High School)

Contact us if you have any additional questions at

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