Covid-19 Update #3 – Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers

In light of recent CDC, state and national announcements, and with last night’s declaration of school closings through April 24th, we are canceling all of our onsite Regional Bible Drill and Student Speakers Competitions. We will move to our remote/video plan for 2020 Bible Drill and Speakers in Georgia as mentioned in our earlier post:

  • Children’s Bible Drillers will participate in a State Drill at their local church with guidelines/materials provided by Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers Inc.  Churches have through May 31st to conduct the State Drill at their church and to submit the names, scores, and 3rd year Bible Drill award recipients to us. This deadline will be extended if needed.
  • Youth and High School Drillers will participate in their Regional Drill via video with guidelines/materials supplied by us to their church.  Bible Drill Leaders will submit a video of the drill to us for scoring. 
  • Speakers – Speeches will be submitted via video along with a copy of their written speech. Our judges will score it based 50% on delivery and 50% on written content.  There will only be one level of scoring for speakers. The speaker with the top score will be our State Winner.

The cost to register for regional competitions for each driller/speaker will be $10.  The remote registration fee will cover partial cost of administrative expenses, certificates/awards, and shipment expenses. Member churches who contributed $250 or more to Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers Inc., earlier this year will receive special instructions to register each driller at a 50% discount.

We are still hoping to have a State Youth/High School Drill on our original date of May 9.  June 20 is our back-up State Drill date if needed due to Covid-19 issues.

Over the next few days, we will release a series of articles on our website/blog for each age group with specific details regarding hosting your Children’s State Drill at church and Youth/High School Drills Speeches via video.

Get immediate updates from our website by entering your e-mail address on our main webpage.

Thank you for your patience and gracious consideration as events in our state and country are unfolding on a daily basis. Please understand that we may have to make additional future adjustments.

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