Celebrating the Life of Waldo Woodcock (1/2/1929 – 12/26/2019)

Photo taken of Waldo & Sarah Woodcock and Dennis Rogers several years ago.

Yesterday we celebrated the life of Waldo Woodcock – a life-long champion for Bible Drill and Student Speakers in Georgia.  I first met Waldo Woodcock when I was in Children’s Bible Drill.  During my teenage years, as a Bible Driller and as a Speaker, Waldo Woodcock had an impact in my Discipleship Journey.  As a State Missionary, he faithfully served – championing the importance of hiding God’s Word in our hearts and sharing our faith. He retired in 1996 after serving for 28 years as a State Missionary in Discipleship Training at the Georgia Baptist Convention.  In March of 1998, before I began at the Georgia Baptist Convention, Waldo Woodcock, called me at the church where I was serving on staff and encouraged me with my upcoming journey of serving as a State Missionary with the responsibility of Bible Drill.  For many years after his retirement, Waldo continued to serve as a Bible Drill judge and presider.

Earlier this year, Waldo called me from the Georgia Baptist Retirement Community where he lived in Waycross and expressed his support and encouragement for our new Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Student Speakers, Inc. ministry.  He was pleased that this vital ministry to our Georgia Baptist churches was going to continue!

Waldo made a difference in so many lives and invested in multiple generations through Bible Drill and Speakers.  I am thankful to have been impacted through his life and ministry.

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