Bible Drill Christmas Bingo

This week our Youth and High School Drillers are having their Bible Drill Christmas Party and we were looking for a fun, Bible Drill Christmas Game to play at the party.

Thank you to LifeWay Kids for sharing a customizable Christmas Bingo template that can be used for a Bible Drill Christmas Activity. To download the template, click this link for the article sharing the Christmas Tree Bingo Board: Christmas Bingo

Items needed:

  • A copy of the Christmas Bingo Card for each driller
  • Permanent Marker (ultra fine point)
  • Christmas Candy (We like to use Christmas M&M’s)
  • Bible Drill Card


  • Print out a copy of the Bingo Board for each driller
  • Using the permanent marker write Bible Drill references in each square. (Make each card individually so that the references are in a different square on each card)
  • Put Christmas candy in a small cup for each driller to use as the markers for their card

For Children’s Bible Drillers:

Call out the underlined portion of the card (like in a completion drill) and the drillers must put the candy marker on the correct reference.  

For Youth Bible Drill:

Call out a phrase of an Identifying verse, a Doctrinal Statement, or a Bible Answers Question and the youth must put the candy marker on the correct reference.

For High School Bible Drill: 

Call out a Key Biblical Passages statement or a What We Believe Question.  Drillers must put the candy marker on the correct reference.  For the rest of the squares – you may want to repeat some (that is what we did) or come up with your own options of what to put in the remaining squares.

We’d love to hear what Christmas Bible Drill activities you are using for your group.

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