3 Bible Drill Activities for your drillers

Enjoy these 3 fun Bible Drill Activities with your kids/students:

  1. Verse Pop
  • Cut strips of paper to match the number of words in your Bible verse.
  • Write one word per strip of paper. Don’t forget to include the reference.
  • Place one strip in each balloon.
  • Blow up balloons.
  • Have drillers pop balloons and assemble the verse.

2. Bible Drill craft – verse reminder

  • Purchase a cheap frame from the dollar store
  • Cut scrapbook or colored paper to fit the frame.
  • Write Bible Drill verse for the week on the glass using a dry erase marker.
  • Have drillers take the frame home and put it in a family area to serve as a reminder as they are learning the verse.
  • Once they’ve learned the verse, erase and add a new verse!

3. Spoons – Books of the Bible

  • Have fun reviewing the books of the Bible by playing spoons with your drillers.
  • Cut 3 x 5 index cards in half and write a book of the Bible on each piece. Want to use a Books of the Bible printable instead? At https://mariabrannen.com, I have created Old and New Testament Books of the Bible cards printables that are free when you follow my blog by e-mail.

2 Comments on “3 Bible Drill Activities for your drillers

  1. Hey!  Are there any dates set up yet for state level Bible Drill yet and locations?  


    • Yes, you can view the dates for the Regional/State Drills by clicking on the Georgia Bible Drill tab (dates and locations) on our website. We are still waiting on confirmation for one of our metro locations, but all other dates and locations are posted.

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