6 Tips for Kicking off a New Year in Bible Drill

It’s hard to believe that school will be starting in less than a month. With the beginning of a school year, many of our churches are kicking off their new church year and the beginning of Bible Drill. As you make plans, here a few tips:

  • Plan a fun kick-off event to get kids and students excited about Bible Drill. One great option is our Bible Drill night at Stone Mountain – July 18th. The cost is $10 and includes a Chick-fil-a Meal. Join other drillers from around the state for a night of food, fun, fellowship and the laser show! For more information and to register: https://bibledrillandspeakers.com/2019/06/04/registration-is-open-for-bible-drill-day-at-stone-mountain/
  • Create a Bible Drill calendar for the school year. List out all the dates related to Bible Drill: Bible Drill kick-off/parent meeting, dates you will have class, dates you will take a break (due to holidays, fall festival, etc.), Christmas party, special practices/activities, and dates of the Church, Associational, Regional and State Drills as well as which verse(s) you will be teaching each night.
  • Plan a parent meeting (especially for Children’s Bible Drill parents). Include some fun parent/child Bible Skill games as well as an overview/introduction of Children’s Bible Drill. Consider including adding a door prize or two for the meeting.
  • Choose your translation (ESV, KJV, or CSB) if you are beginning your first year of Bible Drill.
  • Download Bible Drill cards in the translation of your choice from our website: https://bibledrillandspeakers.com
  • Order Children’s Bible Drill Resources from https://www.lifeway.com/en/product-family/bible-skills-drills-thrills or Youth Bible Drill Resources from Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers Inc. https://bibledrillandspeakers.com

I hope you have a fun year as you help kids and students develop a love for God’s Word and to memorize scripture! We’d love to hear what you have planned for your year in Bible Drill!

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