Be a part of our Bible Drill Mission Projects this Summer

During the summer is a great time to look for ways to serve through mission trips and ministry activities. This summer, Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers has opportunities for older kids, students, Bible Drillers, families and adults of all ages to serve and be a part of the ministry of Bible Drill.

The projects are flexible depending on the time frame your family or group has available to serve:

  • Maybe you are a family headed to NE Georgia, SC, or NC for summer vacation but want to make a difference by serving for part of a day. . . 
  • Maybe you are looking for an opportunity for your older kids or students to take a day and serve this summer . . .
  • Maybe you want to offer a 3-day preteen or family mission trip opportunity . . .

Our Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers Ministry Area is located in Monroe, GA and would welcome your assistance.

Examples of opportunities to serve:

  • Sorting and organizing Bible Drill and Student Speaker Resources
  • Assisting with inventory of resources
  • Preparing items for our e-store
  • Administrative assistance – making copies, proofreading, preparation of judge notebooks; data entry
  • Preparation for 2020 Bible Drills
  • Prayer huddles
  • Collection of items (contact Georgia Baptist Bible Drill and Speakers for a list of current needs)

For more information, details, and available dates to serve this summer contact Maria Brannen (

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